Registration of trademark ciles

The phonetic part of the CILESbrand, is as an acronym for the company’s corporate name: Constructora de Iluminación y Eléctricos S.A., and the graphic image denotes a world with a star, as part of a universe in motion, which contains CILES,and which responds to the basic promise of the company: A universe of expanding electrical products; referring to the evolution of the product portfolio.

1992-07-10 An application was filed but the sign expired. New Registration Application:

14/06/2007Class 09: Scientific, Nautical, Geodesic, Electrical, Photographic, Cinematographic, Optical, Weighing, Measuring, Signaling, Control (Inspection), Relief (Rescue) and Teaching Devices and Instruments; Devices for Recording, Transmission, Reproduction of Sound or Images; Magnetic Recording Media, Acoustic Discs, Automatic Distributors and Mechanisms for Pre-Paid Appliances; Cash Registers, Calculating Machines, Information Processing Equipment and Computers; Fire extinguishers.

OPPOSITION Opposition filing by PHILIPSNegada 17/12/2008 MAKEOVERClass 35: Advertising, Commercial Business Management, Commercial Administration, Purchase, Sale, Import, Distribution and Marketing of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Class 09: Described above. New application for registrations 18/12/2008 Granted: 15/07/2009 – Valid until 2019.