We Protect Your Intellectual Wealth

At PROVIMARCAS S.A.S, We believe in the wealth potential that Intellectual Property entails, accelerating the growth of companies in Colombia and the World


Specialized Firm

We are a law firm with over 26 years in the market, dedicated to advising national and international clients on Intellectual Property and corporate law matters, with a portfolio of over 3,000 clients. Our team of legal experts is trained to provide detailed and insightful analysis on a wide range of topics related to trademark law, patents, industrial designs, copyrights, entertainment law, including nationally and internationally relevant legal cases, legislative changes, and legal disputes in the field.


Soraya Mesa
Soraya Mesa General Manager
Specialist in Intellectual Property, Copyrights, and New Technologies
Gustavo Ortega
Gustavo Ortega Legal Director
Lawyer specialized in Intellectual Property / Administrative Law / Environmental Legislation
Verónica Restrepo
Verónica Restrepo Administrative Director
Business Administrator.
Pamela Ortega
Pamela Ortega Legal Coordinator
Lawyer specialized in Business Law. Master's in Intellectual Property
Andrea López
Andrea López Lawyer
Specialist in Commercial Law
Oscar Ramírez
Oscar Ramírez Lawyer
Specialist in Procedural Law and Criminal Law
Ana Sofía Gil
Ana Sofía Gil Lawyer
Alejandra Herrera
Alejandra Herrera Lawyer
Pablo Torres
Pablo Torres International Negotiator
International Department
Oscar Guillermo
Oscar Guillermo Patent Expert
Engineer specialized in Intellectual Property
Mónica Bolivar
Mónica Bolivar Accountant
Specialist in Tax Legislation
Mauricio Ochoa
Mauricio Ochoa Account Executive
Alexandra Ocampo
Alexandra Ocampo Account Executive
Julián Ospina
Julián Ospina Account Executive
Richar Salazar
Richar Salazar Account Executive
Paola Andrea Gómez
Paola Andrea Gómez Customer Service Assistant
Lucia Socha
Lucia Socha Administrative assistant
Deycy Montes
Deycy Montes Commercial Assistant
Carolina Carmona
Carolina Carmona Accounting assistant
Verónica Uribe
Verónica Uribe Administrative assistant
Paulina Quiñones
Paulina Quiñones Branding department